The art of the Divine

is the art of settling

and purifying the Soul

I beseech the gods

of Heaven and Earth

to lead me to the Way

-Morehei Ueshiba


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Aiki Farms

Aiki Farms is proud to offer instruction in Aikido, Iaido, and serious Zazen meditation.

We are pleased to bring you into our circle, and invite you to the farm to pick your own, sit Zazen or to practice Aikido with us.

NEW! - Interns at Aiki Farms will receive an education not only in farming, but in the politics of food. Take a moment to read how Aiki Farms is helping to push new Genetically Modified Ingredient labeling laws through the Connecticut legislature. Students will actively participate in defending their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

* Aiki Farms would like to thank everyone who came down to the March Seminar, and made it a huge success. We are pleased to have had honored Shihans Lorraine DiAnne, David Halprin, and Jack Arnold. Thanks also to Pat Murphy, for capturing pictures and video from the event, which are posted on our videos page.

* Kimberly Hartke published an article written by Burns Sensei, "Small Farms and Food Freedom: Opening the Door to American Prosperity"

About Us

Aiki Farms is a traditional Aikido dojo located on an growbiointensive farm in Ledyard, CT. The dojo is a member in good standing of Birankai International (www.birankai.org) under the direction of T.K. Chiba, Shihan, a direct student (uchi-deshi) of O-Sensei.

Burns Sensei Farming with Students

Robert Burns Sensei founded Aiki Farms in Ledyard, CT in 2001, bringing together his twin passions of Aikido and farming. Pointing out that O-Sensei was himself a farmer and was known to often say "budo and farming are one," Burns Sensei believes that the knowledge of cultivation and nutrition gained through farming significantly increases ones' understanding of the depth and complexity of Aikido. All students are required to sit Zazen, and participate in farming. The four pillars of our practice are Zazen, Aikido, Iaido, and Farming.

The dojo's symbol is a tsuba (sword guard) depicting intertwined rice stalks. The tsuba symbolizes the relationship between the warrior and the earth that provides sustenance.

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