Aiki Farms

The Aiki Farms Story

In the year 2000, before a seed was in the ground, chefs from a dozen New London County restaurants told Bob Burns what they wanted . . .

Every summer since then, Aiki Farms has produced a cariety of greens popular throughout the region.

In addition to the summer greens, Aiki Farms has become the sole Connecticut producer of the popular winter crops of Pea Shoots; Buckwheat Shoots; Sprouting Mung & Lentil; Redwinter Wheat Berry; and Garbanzo seeds.

Sprouting seeds & Shoots can be mixed and blended into green salads for body and variety. Most of Aiki Farms' customers are very serious about their health and wellness, knowing that raw foods deliver all the nutrients, fighting off colds or the flu.

Aiki Farms has monthly seminars with hands-on planting techniques to enable customers the knowledge to sprout and grow their own food.

For information on upcoming seminars and dinners, please contact Bob Burns at Aiki Farms by calling 860.536.6407 or email to burns@aikifarms.com

Aiki Farms

Shewville Road
Ledyard, CT