Bob with Students Tsuba
Aiki Farms

How We Farm

The soil is prepared and nourished using the best Biointensive and Biodynamic techniques. These techniques are directed towards soil building by the staff of residents and students who also participate in rigorous daily Aikido and Zazen training.

Bob with Students

The spiritual path of our farm is called Budo or "the Way." Central to this is being mindful and totally present in our daily work, as the garden gives us lessons and gifts, as well as many surprises year after year.

Bob with Students in the Greenhouse

We have been blessed to receive the thanks and patronage of some of the local aware restaurant owners and chefs. They share our concern with the earth, with their own well-being and the well-being of their customers. We sell at the markets who strive to build a better environment, and sell a food that has high nutritional quality.

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